Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage Review

When it comes to playtop cages, the Chiquita cage from Avian Adventures is definitely at the top of the lists as far as bird and parrot owners are concerned. Available in two lovely, non-toxic powder coat finishes, this bird cage will not only provide a wonderful stage for your quirky feathered friend but also blend in seamlessly with almost any existing decor you already have in place.

Focusing on safety and health, removable trays (both for the cage as well as the playtop itself), Avian Adventures have gone out of their way to make cleaning the Chiquita quick and easy.

Perfectly suitable for Cockatiels, Jardines, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, and other similarly size birds.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 3/4″

Bar Gauge: 3/16″

Cage Weight: 123 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
28″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 29″ (H)

External Dimensions:
28″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 63″ (H)

  • Non-toxic powder coat finish has been thoroughly tested to ensure that your feathered friend is happy and healthy.
  • Chiquita Playtop comes in two brilliant color combinations that were perfectly display your bird or parrot while still fitting in seamlessly to your home’s decr theme; Platinum & Pearl White textured finish or a rich Ruby Red glossy finish.
  • Quick and easy assembly is achieved thanks to the no nuts and no bolts construction.
  • Feeder doors boast solid construction design to keep husks and seeds from being flung about during enthusiastic feeding or play.
  • Feeder doors as well as main entrance door have been equipped with patented bird proof locks to ensure no unauthorized flights by clever buddies.
  • Feeder door access allows owners to freshen food and water without having to reach into the cage.
  • Three 304-grade stainless steel food, water, or snack bowls are dishwasher safe and included with purchase of the Chiquita Playtop cage.
  • Extra large entrance door makes coming and going easy for your parrot or bird, lessening the change of injury.
  • Authentic Yellow Cow wood perches are a much appreciate upgrade – for bird and owner – to the typical dowel perches that are usually included.
  • A combination of vertical slatted bars and horizontally slatted bars offer the clean, classic look from the front, but make great ladders of the other three walls for your bird to enjoy climbing and hanging from.
  • Cleaning is made quick and easy thanks to pullout trays and also are designed to ensure that there are no feathery escapes during cleaning, too.
  • Included seed skirt can be quickly installed or removed without any tools.
  • Smooth glide, no mark casters make relocating you cage simple, easy, and stress free for everyone involved.
  • Thrilling Playtop provides a convenient and safe place for your bird to play and work off energy. It can also be lifted off the roof of the cage for use away from the cage.
  • The Playtop is situated above a slide out tray that will keep any droppings from falling into the cage and allow for effortless cleanup.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage Conclusion

As one of the most popular and trusted bird cage brands, it’s no wonder that the Chiquita Avian Adventures Playtop bird cage has been enthusiastically embraced by pet owners and avian enthusiasts across the board.

Many of the reviews I’ve come across rank the Chiquita as a 5 star cage. A great balance of engaging, safety, and convenience at a great price, you won’t be disappointed by this cage!

Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage Reviews

Avian Adventures have a wonderful reputation for producing high quality bird cages that are feature non-toxic finishes, convenient cleaning and security elements, and an elegant design that is well suited for any home.

The Chiquita Dometop is yet another great example of why avian enthusiasts, owners, and caretakers continue to choose Avian Adventures cages.

Perfect for Finches, Jardines, Parakeets, Canaries, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys. Surprisingly, the Chiquita is also a great option for Sugar Glides and even reptiles as well!

Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 3/4″

Bar Gauge: 3/16″

Cage Weight: 108 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
28″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 34″ (H)

External Dimensions:
28″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 63″ (H)

  • Powder coated finishes are both beautiful and non-toxic, so there’s no worry that biting and climbing will cause health issues.
  • Available in three great colors (Pearl White, Textured Platinum, and Ruby Red), to ensure your bird cage is the perfect stage for your feathered friend.
  • Hassle free construction is nuts and bolts free for easy assembly and knock down.
  • Feeder doors are solid (not barred) to prevent seeds and husks from being flung out of the cage during meal times.
  • Bird proof locks (on feed doors and main entry door) are a patented design to ensure that your bird or parrot doesn’t escape.
  • Independently opening feeder doors help to feed and water your pal without having to reach into the cage. They also minimize the change for a jailbreak while your hands are full of seed, snacks, or water.
  • Included 304 grade stainless steel food and water bowls (3 total) are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Larger than standard entry door makes it even easier for your bird to come and go with minimal risk of injury.
  • 100% authentic Yellow Cow Wood (harder than Manzanita) perch is included. A marked upgrade from the traditional, humdrum dowel rod.
  • Design incorporates a breeder door for quick and easy attachment and removal of a nest. Nest is not included with purchase and must be purchased separately.
  • Dual directional bars provide a sleek, traditional look from the front (vertical bars) and horizontal bars on the remaining three sides for tons of ladder-like climbing fun.
  • Cleaning is made easy thanks to the slide-out metal grate and tray.
  • Removable grate design includes safety feature to ensure zero escapes.
  • Removable seed skirt requires zero tools to install or remove.
  • Non-marking casters are of an easy glide design for zero stress relocation for cleaning, company, or rearranging.
  • Frame includes one shelf for convenient storage of food, treats, toys, and other supplies.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage Conclusion

Well received by owners and animal professionals, the reviews that I’ve come across (a vast majority being 4 and 5 stars) all praise the quick and easily assembly, and the convenience of easy glide casters – one owner especially appreciates this because he likes to give his companion a variety of different views.

The few complaints I’ve seen had to do with minor shipping damages and not any issue with the quality of the bird cage construction of features themselves.

The larger size and price combination make this a great value overall!

Bird Cage Bar Spacing Guide

When looking for the best bird cage for your feathered family member, there are probably going to be several questions bouncing around in your head as you click through product pages or wander down the aisle at your local pet supply store. I’m sure that some of those questions are along the lines of:

  • How much should I spend?
  • What’s the best size?
  • Do I want the cage to be colored?
  • Does the shape really matter to my bird?
  • How many toys should I get?

Innovative Cages - Bar Spacing

The good news is that you’ll find some great tips and tricks for finding the right answer to the questions right here on Innovative Cages!

The not as good news is that you probably haven’t thought of one of the most important questions to ask yourself when buying a new bird cage: what’s the best bar spacing?

Don’t worry, though. You’re not the only one! With so many different features, add-ons, accessories, toys, snacks, and other options you’re bombarded with when shopping for bird and parrot supplies, when’s the last time someone even mentioned bar spacing… if at all? Unfortunately, despite being one of the most curtial aspects of choosing the right cage for your buddy, not very many people know that there’s actually a difference in bar spacing from one cage to the next. In fact, many pet owners simply assume that the spacing is standard.

Just as important as the interior living quarters, the bar spacing of your bird cage can have a serious impact on your avis health and happiness. While there’s really no set minimum to keep in mind beyond your – and your bird’s! – personal aesthetic preferences, it is possible to exceed the recommended maximum width.

Innovative Cages - Bar Spacing

Being the curious, energetic creatures they are, birds and parrots have mentalities and tendencies that lean toward that of a young child; one of the many reasons we love them as much as we do. And, like a child that’s put behind a baby-gate or into a playpen, there’s no hesitation to try and stick things through the bars. Best case scenario, nothing happens. Worst case scenario, something gets stuck. An arm, leg, or even a head. Not. Good. Ever.

For a lot of kiddos, a few failed attempts at getting unstuck are made before they stop trying to free themselves and ask (often loudly and with a lot of tears) for help; no real harm is done. Our feathered friends don’t typically give up that easily and often end up hurting themselves in their panic to get free.

Another scenario, less common but still serious, is that Tweety actually manages to escape through the bars. This may result in bird poo where you really don’t want it, damages (pictures knocked over), or other harm… especially if you have other pets that might see a birdy as a toy or treat.

Innovative Cages - Bird in Cage - 11

To avoid all of the above scenarios and save yourself from the headache (and heartache), take a look below for a simple guide on choosing the right bar spacing for your next bird cage!

Small Birds: 1/2″ to 5/8″ bar spacing.

  • Budgies*
  • Canaries*
  • Cockatiels
  • Finches*
  • Lovebirds
  • Parakeets
  • Parrotlets
  • [Smaller] Conures

*1/2″ bar spacing is ideal.

Medium Birds: 1/2″ to 3/4″ bar spacing.

  • Caiques
  • Conures
  • Lories
  • Mini Macaws
  • Pionus
  • Quakers
  • Ring Necks
  • Senegals
  • [Smaller] African Greys
  • [Smaller] Amazons
  • [Smaller] Cockatoos

Large Birds: 3/4″ to 1″ bar spacing.

  • African Greys
  • Alexandrine Parakeets
  • Amazons
  • Cockatoos
  • Congos
  • Eclectus
  • Hyacinth Macaws
  • Macaws
  • Toucans

How to Choose the Right Bird Cage

Innovative Cages - The Right Bird Cage

Bird Cage Selection Tips

When selecting a bird cage, it’s important to understanding that choosing a bird cage is a bit more involved than just finding one large enough for your bird to fit inside. Believe it or not, different bird species have different bird cage needs and requirements to ensure that your feathered friends are happy and healthy.

Bar Spacing of the Bird Cage

Probably the least considered feature of a bird cage, the bar spacing is one of the most important aspects to consider when finding the best bird cage for your bird(s). While there isn’t technically a minimum measurement outside of aesthetics and, possible, your feathered buddy’s personal preferences, there is definitely a maximum measurement to consider.

Innovative Cages - Bird Cage Bar Spacing

A good way to think about this is to think of your birdy pal as a little kid and its cage as a playpen. Just like a child, chances are Tweety will be able to get its head (or other appendage) between the bars… but not back out again.

“Living Quarters” of the Bird Cage

Parrot owners as well as avian experts all agree on the fact that your bird’s happiness and health (mental and physical) can be directly correlated with its living quarters and environment.

“Living quarters and environment” are meant to describe any place where your feathered friend will be spending extended periods of time.

Birds are very active creatures. They enjoy moving, stretching, and playing. At bare minimum, a bird cage should easily accommodate your friend’s need to hop while standing up straight and to spread their wings to the full extent of their span. Your bird’s cage should not be a prison, it should be your bird’s home. A place to feel comfortable and safe.

Innovative Cages - Bird Cage Design

Overall Design of the Bird Cage

Once you’ve ensured that your new bird cage is able to fully meet the health and happiness requirements of your avian companion, it’s time to consider your needs.

When it comes to bird cages, there are dozens upon dozens of finishes and designs to choose from. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that a bird cage will become a serious focal point in any room. No matter how well it’s been matched to your decor, it will always stand out and draw attention. Consider it the stage that you’re talented and quirky friend performs on. Use that stage to your advantage; showcase your performer’s bright plumage, encourage conversation, draw attention to / from other features in the room.

Shape of the Bird Cage

The shape of a bird cage overlaps a few other features; “living quarters” and design. So, as always, be sure that the shape you’re interested in first accommodates the needs of your wigged buddy and then meets aesthetic approval.

Dometop bird cages are the most common and popular for two reasons: maximum living quarters volume and classic visual appeal.

Flattop bird cages are a very close runner up to the traditional dometop. This is due to the fact that many mid-size to large cages – though, some smaller cages, too – offer a recreation area. Either built-in or with customizable accessories, this gives your energetic housemate a dedicated place to play and exercise without “walls”.

Brand Name of the Bird Cage

High quality bird cages are, unfortunately, few and far between. This is because bird cages are rather complicated to design well. From ensuring that there’s enough physical and intellectual stimuli to keep you companions happy without overwhelming / overcrowding them to using safe materials (metals, woods, plastics, glues, stains, etcetera) that won’t damage claws, beaks, and feathers or make your bird or parrot sick if ingested.

Innovative Cages - Bird Cage Brand

It’s not that unusual for a new bird cage company to pop up, pump out a ton of “cheap” cages, and then be faced with major consumer backlash because the materials they used – and haven’t had the time to fully test – turned out to be toxic. For this reason, I highly recommend choosing a brand / manufacturer that has been in the business for at least a few years. This gives the manufacturer time to work out any design flaws or materials issues before you trust them with the well being of one of your smallest family members.

Avian Adventures Grande Playtop Bird Cage Review

For those avian parents out there who are looking for a large cage with an attached play center for their feathered kiddos, I think you’ll be pleased with what the Grande Playtop bird cage has to offer. Backed by the Avian Adventures name and reputation, even the pickiest pet owners will have to agree that the Grande line is as grand as they say it is.

The Avian Adventures Grande Playtop cage is an ideal choice for Finches*, Parakeets*, Jardines, Canaries*, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Macaws, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, as well as African Greys. Not just for the birds, though, many other pet owners will appreciate how appropriate this cage is for undeniably adorable Sugar Gliders and clever snakes, lizards, and other reptiles, too.

*Due to the fact that the Grande Playtop has an one-inch bar spacing, it is highly recommended that owners of smaller species of birds carefully consider the risks associated with clever and playful birds trying to squeeze through the bars.

Avian Adventures Grande Playtop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 1″

Bar Gauge: 1/4″

Cage Weight: 234 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
42″ (W) x 30″ (D) x 48″ (H)

External Dimensions:
42″ (W) x 30″ (D) x 73″ (H)

  • Powder coat finish has been tested and proven non-toxic.
  • Choose from three rich finish colors: Pearl White (textured), Platinum (textured), or Ruby Red (glossy).
  • Hassle free no-nuts / no-bolts design makes assembly a snap.
  • Independently opening feeder doors have a solid back to help keep seeds and husks off the floor.
  • Bird proof locks (patented) keep all doors securely closed.
  • Included 304 grade stainless steel feeder bowls are dishwasher safe.
  • Over sized doors minimize injury when entering and exiting the cage.
  • 100% Yellow Cow Wood perches included.
  • Multi-directional bars provide excellent climbing surfaces.
  • Cleanup is made easier thanks to side out (no-escape!) metal grate.
  • Included seed skirt can be installed and removed without tools.
  • Non-marking, gentle glide casters make relocation stress free for everyone.
  • Included playtop is easy to reach and will help keep feathered friends happy and health (mentally as well as physically).
  • Playtop has its own slide out grate makes clean up easy and also keeps droppings from falling into the cage.

Avian Adventures Grande Playtop Bird Cage Conclusion

Consistently given a 4+ star rating out of five, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this Avian Adventures cage is a favorite of winged (and unwinged) pet owners.

From the non-toxic and very home decor friendly powder coat finish to the appreciated convenience of gliding casters, among other things, this bird cage is as much a pleasure for its occupants as it is for their human companions.

The only true downside is the high end price tag. However, almost every person who’s purchased the Grande Playtop has acknowledged that they would happily buy the cage again simply because the balanced quality to dollar ratio.

So, in conclusion, I would say that if you have enough pretty pennies laying about to get this bird cage for your feathery housemates, you can be confident that everyone involved will be happy as clams.

Avian Adventures Grande Dometop Bird Cage Reviews

If you’re the proud owner of a small flock of jewel bright birds or vivacious larger species, you’re going to love the clean lines, balanced design, and massive amounts of space you’ll get from Avian Adventures’ Grande Dometop Bird Cage.

The Grande Dometop cage is a great option for Finches*, Parakeets*, Jardines, Canaries*, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Macaws, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys as well as playful Sugar Gliders and sleek reptiles, too!

*Due to the one inch bar spacing, it may be best to only choose this cage if you’re absolutely confident your smaller birds will not get stuck or potentially hurt themselves trying to wiggle between the bars.

Avian Adventures Grande Dometop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 1″

Bar Gauge: 1/4″

Cage Weight: 223 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
42″ (W) x 30″ (D) x 60″ (H)

External Dimensions:
42″ (W) x 30″ (D) x 73″ (H)

  • Powder coated finish is completely non-toxic and safe for your birds, parrots, or other companions to climb, lick, and gnaw on.
  • Choose from three classic and beautiful Avian Adventure finishes: Pearl White (textured finish), Textured Platinum, or a glossy Ruby Red.
  • Despite being very sturdy and durable, convenient zero nuts and bolts construction makes assembly and take down fast and easy.
  • Meal times and watering is made less messy thanks to solid backed feeding doors.
  • Even the most clever occupants won’t be able to work open doors thanks to patented bird proof locks.
  • Feeder door design allows owners to refresh food and water bowls without reaching into the cage.
  • Dishwasher safe and made from 304-grade stainless steel, the Grande comes with 3 feeder bowls.
  • Oversized entry door makes coming and going safe and easy for birds and parrots of all sizes.
  • Yellow Cow Wood perches are 100% natural and harder than the more common Manzanita perches.
  • Cage sides utilize both vertically and horizontally oriented bars for a clean design you’ll appreciate and fun climbing surface your buddies will appreciate.
  • Slide-out metal grate makes clean up quick, easy, and escape artist proof.
  • Get even more anti-seed and anti-splash protection for your floors and furniture courtesy of the no-tools-needed, easy on / easy off seed skirt.
  • Easily relocate your new cage thanks to smooth gliding, non-marking casters and wheels.

Avian Adventures Grande Dometop Bird Cage Conclusion

For those who are veteran bird cage purchasers, it’ll come as no surprise that the Grande Dometop bird cage is as grand as it’s name implies. After all, it is an Avian Adventures cage! For those who are a just getting into the wonderful world of bird and parrot ownership, try not to be too boggled by the price tag.

These last several years, owners have – time and again – rated the Grande line of Avian Adventures cages between 4 and 5 stars. So, if you’re a little bit leery about whether or not you’re going to get your money’s worth out of this large cage, rest assured that you will.

Final verdict: If your feathered pals need a lot of space and your budget allows, the Grande is definitely worth serious consideration.

Avian Adventures Mediana Playtop Bird Cage Review

Designed for the high energy activity of your feathered companions, the Mediana Playtop bird cage from Avian Adventures is geared toward providing a healthy, happy lifestyle for a variety of birds, parrots, and even other pets, too!

Beautifully applied powder coat finish – don’t worry, it’s also non-toxic! – creates a great display stage for occupants of any hue. It also means that the Mediana Playtop will easily compliment any furniture or decorations in the room you plan on placing your new cage.

The Mediana Playtop cage is a great choice for Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, Cockatiels, Jardines, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys. Other, non-avian, owners have also stated that this is a great option for adorable Sugar Gliders and nifty lizards or other reptiles as well.

Avian Adventures Mediana Playtop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 7/8″

Bar gauge: 3/16″

Cage weight: 159 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
34″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 33″ (H)

External Dimensions:
34″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 68″ (H)

  • Non-toxic powder coat is both great to look at and completely safe for any and all occupants.
  • Choose from a textured Pearl White, clean Platinum, or Ruby Red gloss finishes.
  • Included playtop encourages your birds and parrots to be active and engaging and can be easily accessed whenever the entrance door is left open.
  • Playtop can also be used independently from the cage itself. Simply lift it off the cage top and relocate.
  • Hygienic, easy clean slide-out tray keeps droppings from falling back into the cage when the playtop is being used.
  • Each feeder door has a solid back to keep husks, seeds, treats, and water from being too easily flicked out of the cage during meal times or tantrums.
  • All doors, including entrance, feature patented bird proof locks to keep clever critters safely enclosed within their cage.
  • 3 included food and water bowls are 304-grade stainless steel and completely dishwasher safe.
  • Extra large entrance door allow for safe and easy comings and goings when left open.
  • 100% all natural Yellow Cow Wood, harder than manzanita, is used for both included perches.
  • Side panels have been designed to be used as a fun climbing surfaces.
  • Slide out metal grate makes cleanup quick, easy, and escape free.
  • The Mediana Playtop comes with a easy to remove and install seed skirt; zero tools required.
  • No bolt, no nut, no screw construction makes this bird cage a breeze to assemble and take down again.
  • Smooth gliding, non-marking casters allow for quick and stress free relocation for cleaning, house keeping, or change of scenery.

Avian Adventures Mediana Playtop Bird Cage Conclusion

A touch on the expensive side, you’ll still be sure to get your money’s worth – and your feathered roommates will definitely appreciate the exceptional quality of the Mediana Playtop.

Reviews across the board rank the playtop model of the Mediana cage between 4 and 5 stars. Which, really, isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that Avian Adventures has a wonderful reputation among even the most choosey pet owners.

If you plan on expanding your feathered family and are in need of a larger cage, or if you’re simply looking for a great home for your pet, I’d seriously consider this interactive option.

Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Bird Cage Review

The extra wide design of the Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Bird Cage makes it a favorite for owners that have feathery pals with wider wing spans or choose to house more than one bird or parrot in the cage.

What’s great about a number of Avian Adventures cages is that they come in beautifully colored powder coated finishes (non-toxic!) that showcase your bewinged companions and fit easily into the existing decor of almost any room in your home.

Ideally suited for the following companions: Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Jardines, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys. Other pet owners have also found that the Mediana Dometop from Avian Adventures works well for Sugar Guilders as well as various reptiles, too.

Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 7/8″

Bar Gauge: 3/16″

Cage weight: 139 lbs

Internal Dimensions:
34″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 40″ (H)

External Dimensions:
34″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 68″ (H)

  • Expertly applied powder coat is both beautiful and completely non-toxic, ensuring the health of your parrot or bird.
  • The Mediana is available in three elegant hues: Pearl White (textured), Platinum (textured), or Ruby Red (gloss).
  • No fuss design is free of bolts or screws for quick and easy assembly and knock down.
  • All feeder doors have a solid back to keep water, seeds, husks, and treats from being flung out of the cage during snack time.
  • Water and edibles can be refreshed and supplied without having to reach into the cage thanks to the unique design of independently opening feeder doors.
  • Patented bird proof locks on entrance and feeder doors to keep clever companions safely enclosed.
  • Super sized entrance door allows safe and easy passage for birds and parrots when left open for play.
  • Authentic, 100% Yellow Cow Wood is more natural looking and durable then Manzanita perches.
  • Bars are oriented in both vertical and horizontal directions for a sleek, classic look from the front and fun climbing surfaces on the remaining three walls.
  • Slide-out metal grate makes clean up quick, easy, and convenient.
  • Slide-out metal grate has also been specifically designed to ensure that birds cannot escape during cleanup time.
  • Included no tool seed skirt can be easily installed or removed; designed to keep seeds, water, and fluff off the floor.
  • Built in shelf keeps food, treats, toys, and supplies conveniently at hand.
  • Easy glide casters are non-marking for stress free relocation.

Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Bird Cage Conclusion

It’s no surprise that the Mediana Dometop is readily approved by owners and animal care professionals because of all the safety features (bird proof locks, non-toxic finishes, etcetera), the well thought out design, and conveniences like removable mess trays for easy cleaning.

The most common rating that I’ve seen for this bird cage is between 4 and 5 stars, a majority of which tend to be 5 stars. The few issues that some owners have stated include minor shipping damage and nothing to do with the quality of the cage itself.

My opinion is that, if you’re in the market for a quality cage, you will be hard pressed to find better quality for a better deal than with the Mediana bird cage from Avian Adventures!

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Divider Breeder Cage Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep a companionable distance between birds and parrots who don’t quite get along or you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to encourage breeding, the Deluxe Divider Breeder Cage (also known as the “Hampton Delux Divider Breeder Cage”) from Prevue Hendryx has received high praise from owners.

Designed for Finches*, Jardines, Parakeets*, Canaries*, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and similarly sized small to medium** sized birds the plethora of built in features make both occupants and humans happy.

*While listed for smaller bird species, it’s important to remember that it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on Finches, Parakeets, Canaries and other pint sized birds and parrots as the 1/2 inch bar spacing may prove problematic – potentially even hazardous – if small birds try to squeeze between the bars.

**On the other hand, the Deluxe Divider Breeder Cage should only be used as a very temporary cage for larger sized birds as this cage may be too cramped for them to easily move and stretch. This can quickly impact the health and happiness of your birds.

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Divider Breeder Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 1/2″

Bar Gauge: Unspecified.

Cage Weight: 38 lbs.


37-1/2″ (W)* x 18″ (D) x 20-1/2″ (H)

Warranty Description:

90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Rich, Black Hammertone finish offers an attractive stage for colorful occupants and will seamlessly blend in with any existing room decor or furniture already in place.
  • Built for the long haul, wrought iron construction provides strength and durability.
  • Innovative design includes many built in features making this breeder cage both functional and hassle free for a majority of owners.
  • Removable divider is included and allows the cage to be used as a single unit or two smaller units.
  • Both halves of the breeder cage include:
    • Two entry way doors.
    • Secure locks that help ensure all feathered companions remain safely within their cage(s).
    • Side nesting doors for breeder box or nest (neither are included)
    • Pull out waste tray and grate for quick, easy, non-invasive cleanup.
    • Tray and grate feature wind bell lock to ensure security.
  • Designed for Canary, Finch, and Parakeet multiples.
  • Purchase includes 4 x dowel perches; two per half.
  • Purchase includes 4 x plastic feed, water, or treat bowls; two per half.
  • Safely stack up to 3 units.
  • Stand NOT included.
    • Optional stand features casters and wheels for easy relocation and built in shelf to ensure that food, treats, toys and other supplies are always on hand.

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Divider Breeder Cage Conclusion

As many parents of birds and parrots have come to expect, Prevue Hendryx provides a quality cage with innovative features at a very reasonable cost.

Very few of the reviews I’ve come across had anything negative to say about the cage itself. Those that did have complaints were due to missing parts or a misunderstanding of the size of the cages. The second of which is more of a “user error” than anything else, in my opinion.

My only concern is that while the cage specifies that it was designed for smaller birds, I feel the bar spacing is a little too wide (1/2 inch) for Finches and other small species. However, other owners have not expressed any concerns about this due to the fairly temporary nature of this cage.

Overall, I would highly recommend this cage.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage Reviews

Your Finches*, Jardines, Parakeets*, Canaries*, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys will thank you for the Flight Cage by way of energetic play and frolicking thanks to the extra wide and tall design of this cage.

If you happen to be the owner of adorable little Sugar Gliders, this cage may be a good option for one or two of the pint sized snuggle bugs. Some reptiles may even find this a great option, too, if properly outfitted with the right toys and accessories.

It’s important to understand that the 1/2 inch bar spacing can cause serious health risks to smaller birds (or other occupants), so please carefully consider the size and play habits of your small sized companions (Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, Sugar Glides, etcetera). After all, no one wants to deal with the heartache that comes with an avoidable injury… or worse.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage Features

Bar Spacing: 1/2″

Bar Gauge: 12 and 16 gauge.

Cage Weight: 38 lbs.


31″ (W) x 20-1/2″ (D) x 68″ (H)

Warranty Description:

Unspecified Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Black powder coat finish provides a clean, stylish look that will nicely showcase a range of feather and plumage colors.
  • Cage is Lead and Zinc free; non-toxic and safe for occupants.
  • Wrought iron construction is strong and durable for years of use and aesthetic appeal.
  • Two large front entry doors provide easy access to birds and parrots as well as an easy way to re/ogranize and decorate the interior of the cage with toys, baths, etcetera.
  • Pull out grate and tray make clean up quick and easy, eliminating the need of temporarily rehoming your flock when tidying up.
  • Frame is designed with built in shelf that is a great place for storing food, treats, toys, and other supplies closet at hand.
  • Metal casters provide long lasting mobility while rubber wheels (more durable than plastic) allow for easy, mark free relocation – even over carpeted floors.
  • Cage can be safely located on hardwood, tile, or carpet.
  • 4 x plastic food dishes with double cup design provides plenty of food, water, and treat stations for all residence.
  • 3 x wooden dowel perches are also included, providing ample resting space for the entire flock.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage Conclusion

Similarly designed to the Aviary Cage (also from Prevue Hendryx) the Flight Cage is specifically designed to encourage flight – and thus the overall health and well being of its feathered occupants. Experts and pet owners all agree that the emotional and metal health of birds requires that they be able to stretch and fly as much as possible.

Thanks to its simple, intuitive design the Flight Cage has been embraced by bird and parrot parents who are all to happy to stamp this cage with a reassuring number of 5 out of 5 star reviews. One of the highest rated bird cages – both for its size and affordability (even when not on sale!) – you can be confident that your winged pals will be very appreciative of this upgrade.

So, in short: Yes, I can definitely recommend the Flight Cage from Prevue Hendryx.