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Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage

Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage

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Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage

This Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage is great for Finches*, Jardines, Parakeets*, Canaries*, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pionus, Lories, Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Quakers, Amazons, and African Greys. Avian Adventures cages are also a great option for owners of cute Sugar Gliders as well as scaled reptiles.

Beautiful (non-toxic) powder coat finish

will make it even easier to fall in love with this cage because it will f it'so easily into any rooms decor and furniture scheme.

Large, spacious design

is perfect for larger parrots as well as miniature flocks of smaller birds.

*The one-inch bar spacing of the Hacienda Dometop cage may not be suitable for smaller pets that may try to squeeze through the bars and hurt or injure themselves in the process. Please carefully consider the playfulness or mischievousness of your housemates before purchasing this cage for them.

Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage Features

Bar Spacing:


Bar Gauge:


Cage Weight:

223 lbs.

Internal Dimensions:

48 (W) x 34 (D) x 60 (H)

External Dimensions:

48 (W) x 34 (D) x 70 (H)

  • Expertly applied

    powder coat finish

    has been tested and confirmed


    for a


    as well as


    enclosure for your pets.

  • Choose from

    Two rich Avian Adventures colors

    : Platinum (textured) or Pearl White (textured)

  • Clever no nuts / no bolts design is

    quick and easy to assemble

    and take down again.

  • All feeder doors are solid backed to keep seeds, husks, and water from being tossed outside of the cage during meal times.

  • Easy install

    (and removable) seed skirt also helps to keep floors and furniture free of water and food during enthusiastic feeding and drinking.

  • Each feeder door opens independently and also makes it possible for food and water to be refreshed / added without having to reach into the cage itself.

  • Every door has been installed with

    patented bird proof locks


  • 304-grade

    stainless steel

    food / water bowls are

    dishwasher safe


  • Birds / pets will be able to safely and easily come and go through the

    oversized entrance door


  • Authentic Yellow Cow Wood

    perches replace traditional dowel rods.

  • Multi-directional bars (horizontal / vertical) create

    great climbing surfaces


  • Quick


    easy cleaning

    is made possible due to

    zero escape

    slide out metal grate and tray.

  • Smooth gliding casters are non-marking and make relocating the cage



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