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Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage
Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage

Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage

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Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage

Specifically designed to be convenient to assemble and break down and clean, it's not surprising that the Avian Adventures Nina Dometop

is a tried and true favorite among bird and parrot owners.

Classic domed design is both pleasing to look at and will work with almost any existing decor you already have in place. Flared skirt helps to keep floors and furniture seed free, even if your feathered buddy is something of a messy eater. Built in shelf for storage and four casters for easy relocating make the Nina bird cage a master of convenience.

One of the main reasons why this Avian Adventures bird gets my nod of approval is the fact that it has a great size to value ration. A lot of owners are grabbing the Nina dometop

cage in order to upgrade their buddy s pad from an economical apartment to a spacious condo because of how affordable this bird cage is.

Nina Dometop Bird Cage Features

  • Designed to comfortably accommodate finches all the way up to conures.

  • Interior living quarters measure: 20 inches by 18 inches by 30 inches.

  • Half inch (1/2 ) bar spacing using eighth inch (1/8 ) gauge wire.

  • Total unit height (from floor to the top of dome) measures 51 inches / 4.25 feet.

  • Easy assemble construction requires zero nuts and bolts.

  • No nuts and bolts design offers quick knock down for convenient transport / relocation of cage ( don t forget to re-home your feathery friend before breakdown!).

  • Clever bird-proof locks on the door will keep even the cleverest companion safely enclosed.

  • Purchase includes three stainless steel cups, one natural wood perch (interior), and one bottle of touch up paint to correct any nicks, dings, or scratches.

  • Both grate and tray are removable for no fast, hassle cleaning.

  • Exterior access to food / treat / water bowls keeps fingers away from beaks and claws at meal times. Also keeps birdies from escaping when your hands are full.

  • Food / treat / water bowls are locked in place when access doors are closed to avoid food fights and bowl throwing tantrums.

  • Built in storage shelf to keep food, treats, toys, and supplies close at hand.

  • Easy-to-remove skirts allow for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Gold door latches and casters on ruby, white and green cages only.

  • Silver door latches and casters on blue and platinum cages only.

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