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Avian Adventures Nina Playtop Bird Cages

Avian Adventures Nina Playtop Bird Cages

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Avian Adventures Nina Playtop Bird Cage

Is it time to


from that'small starter cage to something more permanent for your feathered housemates? If that's the case, or even if you re looking for your first cage, the Nina Playtop cage from

Avian Adventures

is an exceptional choice for

smaller bird and parrot species


Not only is the Nina backed by the reputation of one of the

top bird cage manufacturers

in the business, you ll be hard pressed to find such

exceptional quality and attention to detail at a more reasonable price


The Nina Playtop from

Avian Adventures


perfectly sized

for Parakeets, small Conures, Finches, Canaries, Cockatiels, and Lovebirds. The Nina is also a great option for smaller reptiles and possibly even as a temporary bonding cage for young Sugar Gliders, too!

Avian Adventures Nina Playtop Bird Cages Features

Bar Spacing: 1/2

Bar Gauge: 1/8

Cage Weight: 73 lbs.

Dimensions for cage: 20 (W) x 18 (D) x 25 (H)

Dimensions with stand: 20 (W) x 18 (D) x 51 (H)

  • Choose from

    four stunning, non-toxic (lead and zinc free) powder coat finishes

    : Emerald Green (gloss), Sapphire Blue (gloss), Ruby Red (gloss), or Pearl White (textured).

  • Convenient



    construction is zero nuts and bolts for



    easy assembly

    and break down.

  • Not only is the playtop a great way to keep avian friends happy and healthy, it's also designed to be lifted off the cage for a portable play station anywhere you might want it.

  • Playtop comes with Manzanita perch and two food and water bowls for snack breaks between play sessions.

  • Dual directional bars

    (alternating horizontal and vertical side panels) give birds and parrots

    built-in climbing walls

    for play and exercise anytime.

  • All doors, entrance as well as food doors, are installed with

    patented bird proof locks

    to ensure that even the cleverest of your pets remains

    safely enclosed


  • Food doors are designed so that food and water can be supplied without having to reach into the cage.

  • Internal perch is



    100% authentic Yellow Cow Wood

    ; lighter and harder than Manzanita and a

    great improvement

    over the traditional dowel rods that lower grade bird cages come with.

  • Seed skirt helps to keep seeds, husks, and water off your floors and furniture.

  • Seed skirt is installed and removed without the need of tools.

  • Shelf for handy,

    organized storage

    of all your bird s accessories and necessities.

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