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Large Bird Cages

Find the Perfect Large Bird Cage for Your Parrot!

Congratulations on picking a parrot as your perfect pet! Parrots are special, smart and social creatures. Treat them right and they will return the love…in their own way, of course. Now, it’s time to consider which species of parrot will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. There are more than 350 species, after all, but not all of those make suitable companions.

Generally, smaller parrots – such as budgies and cockatiels – are a good choice for beginners or first-time bird owners. If you’re more experienced with birds or it’s a talking bird you desire, larger birds such as African greys or Amazons might be your next first mate. Regardless of size, all birds need a healthy dose of TLC.

Your living situation may also determine which type of bird to get. If you live in an apartment, don’t make your neighbors mad by getting a loud parrot. Hearing the catchy phrase, “Polly want a cracker” through the walls could be considered cute the first few dozen times – after that, not so much. Also, it may be tempting to buy the first parrot that ‘speaks’ to you emotionally or even literally! Take your time, do your homework, and go from there.

Other questions to consider before committing to a parrot are: How many other pets do you have at home? Do you work full time away from home? Do you have enough space? The larger the parrot, the larger the parrot cage needed, for example. Just like we value adequate space in our homes, a parrot also needs ample space to spread his wings. With the right cage, turn your bird’s habitat into a wonderful home.